El'BOW B-DAY - 27/07/2005

dinsdag 27 juli 2010

The voting is closed

we will reveal the winners on our blog on a speciale el'bow birthday speciale post:-)

thank you fur competing we love you all :)

hope fur next year our the next contest


zondag 25 juli 2010

voting time!!

It's time!

Sanne here i gonna explane :) i do my best ...

we have 3 catagories
1. classic cards
2. virtual card
3. video card

you have time to vote until we posted the winners thats on 27/07/2010 in the after noon - evening :)
leave your vote on this post
then we post the winners on this blog and a special post about el'bow b-day on our normal blog
you can vote only one time in each catagorie, and tell you furiends about it :)

classic card nr ...
virtual card nr ...
video card nr ...

good look everyone
PeeeeS: the contestens can vote to :-) and any Q's about the finalle please ask :)


now it's el'bow time!!! with el'bow comment :)

The Classic cards

here is the video about the classic card so chech it first :)
here can you see what in side of the cards :) 
!!! We have a thirth card of rudy! it isnt in the video but we got photo's of it :) !!!

i love it, its soooooo nuts :D hahaha i was so funny
just L O V E it! every funny you know i have humor :)

Vote nr 2 Heather and the nudhatch gang

Woow that creativitie :-) and love the tikkel humor (lassie was a lacker)
greaaaaaaaaat job you guys and girls :)

Woooow El'bow in blue ribbons so fancy :-D super duper rudy and his raiser
i L O V E it! :-)

The Virtuale Cards

we had lots of virtuale card and video so we make it fair and make it a extra catagorie :)
so here are the virtuale cards

Vote nr 1 The paippies
How did you now it sanne favo photo of me :-)
its so nice and creative !! <3

Vote nr 2 Asta

That a PARTY!!!!! with balloons and Cocktails :-) yum yum
i thinks its a piece of paradice

Vote nr 3 Tucker the great dane

You know my tast tucker :-)
it's really great card with a story ! yeaah love it man

you pickt a very very cute photo of me :-)
great job its very super duper

Vote nr 5 wyatt & stanzie

this makes me smile :-) its so super duper
and i am a eco-dog i take care of the environment you can juse this photo fur a other
b-day dog :D wooooow cool dudes !

Vote nr 6 Our HERO

awww Hero your so funny :-) this is a simple card Buttt (my big butt) it so simple that
it's awsome! and so funy super job!

The Video cards

We have lots of video cards ! :)
sit back and enjoy click on the word VIDEO to see it :-)
and to visit there blog click on there name

one word AWSOME woow you did a super job :-) it was sooooooo funny and lovely :) super duper job

OMD you have a heavenly voice mango :-) its so super duper man! and peewee you are so cute with that bip :-)

YUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy :D that the most yummy card ever! super duper creativitie
great job !

woooow Norwood :D sooooooo Pawsome!!!!! and you make sanne dance!!!! yeaaah thanks!!!
SPechless! :D so pretty and nice oooh so wonderful i just love it :) thanks great great job and i SMILE ;-)

Well thats all of the card! Sanne hope she post all the card that you send if not let us now :-)
well VOTE and enjoy the cards! ooooh it's all most my b-day!!! yeaaaaah


PeeS: thank you all fur competing the contest :) we love you all!